This summer’s newcomer is the cotton waffle material Poncho. Due to the warm and at the same time cooling, interesting texture of the material this Poncho fits well into our selection. Use the Poncho like others of its kin – to dry yourself with, to change in, to warm your body with, to sit on it at the beach or at the park. There are many more uses of our Ponchos, let your imagination fly free! The Waffle Poncho is available in five different colour combinations, suitable to both men and women.
Regular size products are readily available but for the smaller kids’ size we will reserve a few days for production.

We design and craft all of our
products in our workshop at Põhjala Factory in Tallinn, the capital of
Estonia. Every item is created and its quality thoroughly assessed by professionals of the trade.

SAFU is a brand that makes an effort to assure all of its employees are treated well, paid justly, and given enough time to rest and recover.

"Waffle poncho"

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