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Our two wonderful seamstresses have a combined professional experience of more than 40 years. This gives us the opportunity and confidence to offer tailor-made quality products.


SAFU ponchos are manufactured from high-quality materials that absorb water, in order to fulfill their purpose of replacing a towel. You can dry yourself easily after swimming or bathing, and the garment feels pleasant in contact with your skin.

Who are we and what do we do?

I, Lydia, lead the SAFU brand. I like water sports, especially wakeboarding, beautiful and high-quality clothes, good food, traveling by weather. Thanks to traveling, in 2012, the first idea about ponchos arose. Since I saw them in other parts of the world, but not in Estonia, I thought that they are definitely needed here. However, it so happened that life took me to another area, to live elsewhere, and the ponchos were forgotten. Fast forward a few years to 2018, when I lived and breathed waterboarding. There wasn't a day that went by that I wasn't hanging out at some wakepark, regardless of the country. And so for a few years in a row. This time included repeated poncho purchases, all of which ended in disappointment. Although the material was unpleasant, I did not like the cut. Then again, there weren't enough pockets, etc. Friends say that one summer evening in 2019, by the fire, I announced: "I'm going to make ponchos now". Thought-done. The prototyping period began and in February 2021 I brought to the public these fun round pocket ponchos, which are simply amazing.

When designing my brand, I set some conditions. It is important to me that SAFU ponchos are made of high-quality material and are comfortable to wear against the skin. In addition, it is very important that the production process is transparent, both for me and for you, SAFU customers. I can proudly confirm that this is the case.

We manufacture our products in a studio located in Tallinn, on the Kopli peninsula, which is part of the Põhjala factory complex. On the peninsula, the wind and the sea breeze come from three directions, and it is inspiring both to create new cuts and to make products.

Our team consists of me and two seamstresses. I have everything else to do with sewing. If you buy a product, I will post it. If you send us a message or a letter, or even call us - you are communicating with me.

Hard work, experience and quality are behind our success.

Each of our products is special. Just like you!

In addition to the ponchos offered in the regular collection, we make unique "One of a kind" ponchos. In the process of making them, fabric strips left over from sewing regular ponchos can be used. Each pattern is special and unique - just like you!

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