SAFU – Handmade cotton towel & waffle ponchos 

How comfy is it to throw the SAFU poncho or the SAFU hoodie on your hot body when sprinting over the yard!
It protects from the evening chill when heading out of the hot tub to cool, water sports’ lovers can use it to cover up and dry with. It is the warm companion of all festival-goers on summer evenings full of music.

And of course nobody minds if you use the poncho as a regular dressing gown on moments of simple existence. Whatever crosses your mind is possible when wearing our warm body hugger!
We live in a world where fashion trends have no boundaries.

We design and craft all of our products in our workshop at Põhjala Factory in Tallinn, the capital of 
Estonia. Every item is created and its quality thoroughly assessed by professionals of the trade.
SAFU is a brand that makes an effort to assure all of its employees are treated well, paid justly,
and given enough time to rest and recover.

The item of clothing is roomy enough to change outfits in. One size fits all. Additionally, there is a suitable size for kids or people of smaller proportions in the cotton towel selection.